Teekkaritalo, people’s joy since 1993! At Teekkaritalo you will find a banquet hall, a kitchen and two saunas with washrooms. The house is rented to associations, companies and individuals for all kinds of* events. Teekkaritalo reservation, €450 (incl. VAT), normally starts at 4 pm and ends the next day at 10 am. It is possible to advance the start time of the reservation (see additional services). . A €50 discount for students of Oulu universities, in which case the reservation must be made by student email. The rental price includes two hours of normal cleaning. If the object contains more demanding cleaning (broken bottles, vomit, etc.), the costs incurred for the extra time will be invoiced to the customer. Cleaning of the yard area is not included in the rental price. Please familiarize yourself with our reservation conditions before making a reservation. We can demand a €400 guarantee rent in cases where there is a significant possibility that the House will be damaged. The guarantee rent is returned in full if no damage has occurred to the property. Otherwise, the guaranteed rent can be used to cover damages. *Teekkaritalo is not rented to high school students, nor to vocational school students. Other groups consisting of minors, e.g. sports teams, should be discussed separately before making a reservation.

Teekkaritalo Main Hall

The Main Hall of Teekkaritalo is the center of events. You can arrange chairs and tables provided by Teekkaritalo as you like. The main hall also acts as a dance floor

Capacity: ca. 80 chairs and table space for ca. 40-60 people. It is possible to get additional ca. 20 table spots if also upstairs is used

Equipment: Music can be played from your own computer (USB) or using the provided customer computer. A video projector (HDMI/Customer computer), whitescreen and a microphone are also provided. As an additional service, you can crown the dance floor with our party lights and smoke machine.

The Saunas and Showers

Teekkaritalo has two saunas, where you can have a good time with your friends. Both saunas have separate changing rooms and showers. As an additional service you can take a dip in our hot tub which can be found from the yard. The hot tub is electrically heated and immediately ready when you arrive.

Capacity: The downstairs house the larger sauna which can fit ca. 12 people. The upstairs has a smaller sauna for ca. 6 people.
Equipment: Bring your own towels. Pephlets are provided by the house.

The Kitchen

Next to the main hall, you can find our well equipped kitchen. The kitchen has two large refrigerators, stove+oven, dishwasher, coffee maker, kettle and other small appliances. This includes plastic jugs, bowls, plates, trays and a couple of pots and pans. If necessary, ask for a more specific equipment list. As an additional accessory, it is possible to rent Iittala’s Teema tableware for up to 80 people, including plates, cutlery, drinking glasses, serving dishes and cutlery

You can bring your own foods and drinks.

Additional services

Earlier start time, 25€/h
Start earlier! It is possible to advance the rental time of Teekkaritalo and arrive at the place as early as 8:00 a.m. Normally, the rental period starts at 16:00 and ends the next morning at 10:00.

Tableware, €100/40 persons, €130/60 persons and €150/80 persons
Our Iittala Teema tableware includes water glasses, wine glasses, cutlery, deep plates, bowls, bread plates, shallow plates and coffee cups. Also available are serving bowls, platters and take-outs. The tableware is returned clean.

Trailer, €20/day
Book Teekkaritalo’s own trailer to facilitate the organization of parties. The trailer is equipped with a canopy and tarpaulins. You will receive the necessary information for using the trailer with the order confirmation. By booking the trailer, you also accept the trailer specific renting terms and conditions

Party lights and smoke machine, €50/day
Add party lights and a smoke machine to your rental and the atmosphere is guaranteed! The package includes voice-controlled party lights and an adjustable smoke machine. The party lights can be switched on and off with the remote control.

Hot tub / Jacuzzi, €150/day
In addition to the sauna, you can also take a dip in Teekkaritalo’s new hot tub, which is ready at the start of the rental period. The pool can comfortably accommodate about 8 people at one time.

Gas grill, €25/day
What could be nicer than having a barbecue on a summer evening. A six-burner gas grill is now available for pleasant grilling moments.