The idea of the Teekkaritalo was born in 1989, when the presidents of the guilds at the time were clarifying their thoughts in a sauna. The legendary Rattorilupi was gone and we needed facilities for gatherings and sauna evenings. However, the idea was very daring and a lot of effort and financial support was needed to implement it.

The Oulun Teekkariyhdistys ry got down to business and established a committee to collect money, which succeeded in its task quite well. One company that sponsored the house even helped in choosing the material for the frame of the house. Architect Mikko Mannberg’s opinion-provoking vision was chosen as the exterior of the steel-framed house. The name of the house had to be decided in a competition, but the working name “Teekkaritalo” was established as the procedural name.After some delays, the foundation stone was laid on May 15, 1992. Pekka Vennamo, the patron of the project, was also laying the stone. Originally, the plan was to build the house entirely by professionals, but compromises had to be made, and many teekkari students took part in the building process. The main part of the workforce was compulsory employees of the employment office, which enabled the rapid progress of the construction works. The official roofing celebration was held on October 2, 1992.

In the spring before May Day 1993, the Teekkari and work spirits wereboo at its peak and the house was finished. The opening ceremonies were held on May 15, at the same time a year had passed since the foundation stone was laid. Pekka Vennamo and 200 other guests of honor were there. Everyone liked the punch and the whole grilled pig.