The rental contract of Teekkaritalo entitles to the usage of the entire house and its yard apart from outer warehouse, kitchen warehouse, second floor office rooms and technical rooms. 

The rent price includes two hours of regular cleaning. If the cleaning takes more than two hours from the cleaner or requires more demanding cleaning methods than regularly, the resulting costs will be billed from the customer. Cleaning of the yard area is not included in the rental price and the customer is liable also for cleaning the yard. Extra yard cleaning will be billed from the customer according to the resulting costs.

The customer is responsible for the properties during the rental time, which is from the rental day’s 16:00 until the next day 10:00. The property also includes the yard and its near areas. In case the customer damages the property, its equipment or its surroundings, the customer is liable for covering all the resulting costs. The customer is liable for informing about any damage to Teekkarilupi Oy immediately. 

An advocate of Teekkarilupi Oy will inspect the property, its equipment and its surroundings before and after rental time. If there is an essential decrease in the condition of the property, its equipment or its surroundings, the customer is liable for covering the repair costs and the costs occurring for the business activities of Teekkarilupi Oy. If the customer wants to take part in assessment of the condition, the customer must agree with the representative of Teekkarilupi Oy in advance. Smoking indoors is prohibited at Teekkaritalo. 

The customer is liable to lock the doors when the rental time ends. The customer is liable to cover the possible costs resulting from unlocked doors.

The order confirmation for Teekkaritalo serves as a binding rental contract when the rental payment in its entity has been transferred to Teekkarilupi Oy’s bank account.

The reservation of Teekkaritalo is a written agreement, in which the customer commits to pay the rent or to cancel the reservation at least 30 days before the rental date. If a reservation is canceled less than 30 days before the rent date, the customer will be billed 100 €/reserved day and cancel made less than 14 days before the rent time 200 €/reserved day.

The reservation date can be changed 14 days before the reserved time and after that customer is billed 100 €/changed day.

Teekkarilupi Oy is not responsible for bodily injuries or any disturbances occurring during the rental time. The customer must abide by the regulations of City of Oulu during the rental time. The officials have the right to break up the event, if the rules or regulations are not complied with.

The customer must be at least 18 years old. The customer is eventually responsible for complying with the rental contract terms and regulations, if the company or organization represented by the customer is withdrawn from responsibility.

Rented tableware must be cleaned and returned to their signed places. The customer is billed 100€ for dirty dishes.

If the customer has reserved the Teekkaritalo’s party lights or trailer as an additional service, the customer accepts also the separate terms and conditions for these additional services.

If the customer wishes to change the rental time defined in section, the customer must contact the customer service manager at least two weeks before the reservation date. To start the rental time earlier, the customer is billed 25 €/hour. Postponing rental time will not be compensated.

The police must be notified about any public events and the customer must act according to their instructions. The customer is liable to present the accepted notification to Teekkarilupi Oy when asked.