You can reach the on-duty worker at Teekkaritalo on 0400 750 499. The on-duty worker knows how to help in acute situations concerning the House.

For other matters related to renting, for example, you can contact customer service manager Johannes Pakane during the day by calling
045 862 4222 (calls only). Please note that each customer takes care of their own lost and found so please ask the organizer of the event first.

The manager of the house, Timo Välkky, is responsible for matters related to the maintenance and service of the Teekkari House, tel. 050 3622644 (during the day).

Teekkarilupi Oy
Kalervontie 7
90570 Oulu
E-mail: talotoimikunta at teekkaritalo piste fi

Teekkaritalo is maintained by a limited liability company called Teekkarilupi Oy, which operates with voluntary forces. Teekkarilupi has a nine-member board and a committee of varying sizes. Licensed persons carry out small repairs on the house and manage the emergency room.

The duty of the person on duty is to check the condition of the House before and after the tenant and to answer all kinds of questions and inquiries about Teekkaritalo.

You can contact the chairman of the board Tommi Portti (050 43 82 204) in matters concerning Teekkarilupi Oy.

Teekkarilupi Oy’s board
Tommi Portti (Chair)
Tero Marin
Mika Pohjanen
Johannes Pakanen
Timo Välkky
Oula Virtanen
Andreas Malinen

Veera Hiltunen
Essi Lampela